Upgrading Lift Pump on GMC 6.5 3500 (2001)

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Upgrading Lift Pump on GMC 6.5 3500 (2001)

Postby DirtyBarrel » Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:32 am

Hi all,
First off, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this forum. Almost everything i have learned about WVO is sourced back to this site.

I am worried that the lift pump on my 2001 6.5 3500 GMC short bus isn't strong enough to pump WVO. It will probably pump but for how long scares me. I have searched the web for upgrades and have found the raptor 150 for dodges. i have also found cheap ones on ebay that say they are for my buses engine, like this one:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-5L-Fuel-Lift- ... es&vxp=mtr
which says produces 4 psi.

How much power/PSI is best for a LP to operate on wvo for extended amounts of time?

Do i need LP that is specific for my engine/injectors?

Any info/comments would be much appreciated : )

more about my bus:
2001 GMC 6.5 3500 *not a duramax-* which i thought all 2001's are(maybe i got last years engine?). It is at 99,000 miles. I am moving the old PMD, changing fuel filters, change oil/filters, flush radiator/change coolant, check all belts/harmonic balancer/buy extra. We are currently installing a system like SunWizards dodge. -100 gal dirty tank -30 gal clean tank -30 gal diesel tank -inline heated pick up -centrifuge -2 heated filters - mechanical switches -collection pump -2 FPHE -cleaning pump(from dieselcraft)
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