Trip From Spokane to DC

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Trip From Spokane to DC

Postby Elfazzazi » Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:07 pm

Hey everyone - a newbie for posting on this site. I've been getting alot of info from this forum (thanks!) for my Veg conversion on my 1992 7.3 IDI F350 - which is almost done - and finally membered up :) . But I need to move from Spokane to DC later this month due to employment reasons, and three weeks is not enough time for me to get the 275 or so gallons I will need to make it across the country. I'll be taking I-90 to I-25 to Denver, then I-70 to KS City, then through ST. Louis, Nashville, and Knoxville, then I-81 to Northern VA. If anyone along the way would have WVO to share or sell, let me know...Sure appreciate it guys!
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