Goin' DIY! But Where Do I Start?

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Goin' DIY! But Where Do I Start?

Postby wildturkeypete » Sat May 26, 2012 11:03 am

Greetings All,

My family and I are about to embark on the adventure of converting our 1997 F250 7.3l Turbo Diesel to run on veggie. We have decided to go DIY after researching three companies and nearly pulling the trigger on the purchase each time. I'm very pleased we didn't after all that we've heard between the different "kit" companies (poor customer service, poor product quality, doesn't actually ship the product - no need to name names). I'd prefer to have the knowledge about the system personally so if something happens on the road, I can fix it myself.

But.. Where do I begin?!

The goal: We're going veggie because we plan on living and travelling around the country in a converted, sustainable Fifth Wheel as a family.

I have a dual-tank system (steel tanks) on my F250 but I like the freedom a 60 or 90 gallon tank (looking at RDS!) provides.

I can drop a toolbox / auxillary fuel tank in the bed of the truck and connect it to the fuel line


I can drop a fuel tank and install one suitable to SVO. I'd still get a transfer tank for the bed so I can still have the range and store SVO that I've filtered on the road.

Which brings us to the other half of the project, I need better designs on a system that I can build to collect / filter (heat and settle?) while on the road.

Any and all suggestions welcome! We've worked very hard to get to this point and want to make all the right decisions.


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Re: Goin' DIY! But Where Do I Start?

Postby SunWizard » Sat May 26, 2012 5:12 pm

Hi and welcome to the forums.

For examples of conversions for that truck, see the converted vehicles section. For examples of filtering, see that section. My favorite for filtering/dewatering, on the road or at home, after trying all the common methods is a dieselcraft centrifuge, see the detailed thread about that.
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