Help planning WVO system for '84 GMC Sierra 1500

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Help planning WVO system for '84 GMC Sierra 1500

Postby spacebetty » Sun May 27, 2012 5:11 pm

I'm about to start living on the road in a 15 foot trailer I'll pull behind my '84 GMC Sierra 1500 (with a 6.2), and I want to convert to WVO. I currently have very minimal mechanical know-how, and even though I live in the Bay Area where a couple WVO companies are located, I can't afford to pay what they charge for installation. I've been searching for a knowledgeable backyard WVO mechanic for quite a while now and somehow, despite living in hippie heaven, I'm not having any luck!

I'm hoping someone on this board is familiar with my particular model/year vehicle and would be willing to help me design and draw up plans for a system, so that I can take those plans to a mechanic who hasn't necessarily installed a WVO kit before. I can pay some for your time, or trade for graphic design work.

I want my WVO system to be completely separate from my existing fuel system, so that if my WVO system breaks in the middle of nowhere and I can't fix it myself, I can just use the stock system until the WVO side can be fixed.

What I already have:
Vormax water separator/filter
Vegtherm inline heater
2 stock 16 gallon tanks on the truck

What else I think I want to use:
Hotfox in-tank heater (with this plus the Vegtherm, I assume a FPHE wouldn't be necessary?)
Two 3-port valves
HOH bundled fuel/coolant lines (seems better and cheaper than HIH)
Separate fuel pump for WVO (no idea what type or brand this should be)
Manual switch for choosing which system
What am I missing?

I have some instructions that came with the Vormax and Vegtherm, and also instructions/explanations for various WVO conversions from a book called Sliding Home. I think all I really need is a schematic of how the system should look in my particular truck. I'd also be happy to receive any advice regarding parts, design, or mobile WVO living :)

And/or, if anyone knows of a knowledgeable backyard WVO mechanic in the Bay Area, please let me know!
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