1982 VW Rabbit Truck, WVO w/15K, E-Bay until 8/5, 11 PM EST

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1982 VW Rabbit Truck, WVO w/15K, E-Bay until 8/5, 11 PM EST

Postby MikeGoodman59 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:20 pm

E-Bay VW Truck, WVO. Reasonable reserve set.

1982 WV Rabbit "caddy" naturally-aspirated pickup with 1.6L / Jetta 5-speed. Body good, interior fair. GTI wheel and seats. Drove NC to FL August, 2011. Drove NC to DC (2X). Would do again without reservation. 38-40 mpg. Daily driver otherwise. Hitch, no lights. No rust, on body or shock towers. Dash solid. Bed a bit dirty from oil spills, but have cleaned. All glass good.

Bought 2009 from expert home mechanic who rebuilt lower engine but stopped short of head. No other history. No significant miles by last owner. I've put on ~15Kmiles (75% WVO) since 2009. Replacement odometer cable quit at 206K. Drive occasionally, just got DODGE 2500. A bit "car heavy."

WVO system my design after experience of 50K miles on MB 300SD. 2-tank, 6-port Pollack w/closed return loop on WVO, diesel return to tank, a very tight system. 3x8-14 FPHE, TIH, VT 20A as needed. Has never left me stranded. Have only run BONE DRY DC CF oil in this.

This is an older vehicle, but a solid ride and a "get home" conversion. Any serious work done by local foreign shop. New timing belt. 120A alternator. New tranny/shifter linkage. Good tires. Spare. Roof rack.
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