fr 1604 won't prime. Help w/ pump mechanics.

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fr 1604 won't prime. Help w/ pump mechanics.

Postby soshea00 » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:53 pm

Hey Y'all. I'm a big fan of the fill-rite 1604 and have been using them for nearing a decade for grease, but I'm having a problem with my current one and am hoping someone has a better grasp of the mechanics of a pump than I do.
Here's the story:
I use it to pump warm grease through 4-30" industrial filter cartridges (1 micron nominal) which reside in a shelco filter housing. It works great and has since 2005.
The last few days though, the pump started to bog down and completely draw down my deep cycle 12 volt battery (almost brand new and hooked up to a 135 watt solar panel in full Georgia sun) in a matter of seconds. It's starting point was 14.1 volts.
The battery would go so low that the solar system cut off (charge controller protecting the battery).
The pump would not run off my Dodge 2500 batteries after that either.
I took the face-plate off, found a little bit of black debris (not sure if it was remnant of a melted gasket or o-ring or just accumulated scum) and plugged it in for the heck of it and it started to run. I put the face plate back on and it still ran great, but would no longer prime at all. There is a slight (very slight) degree of suction when putting a finger over the intake, but not much. I don't hear air coming in anywhere. The o-ring on the faceplate is intact. The o-ring on the hex bolt of the bypass is intact. The o-rings on the intake and output fittings are intact. All bolts are tight. The bypass has been cleaned of gunk.
I'm a fairly poor farmer and am trying to avoid a 250 dollar expense. It seems like a fairly simple fix, yet the solution is eluding me.
Any pump savvy people with advice are very welcome to chime in.
Thank you very much,
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Re: fr 1604 won't prime. Help w/ pump mechanics.

Postby paulrchace » Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:35 am

Steve, check the seal.........if it is leaking and not allowing full pumping the wvo you're pumping is getting to the
magnets and rotating parts of your motor, probly bad....and messy.
Also, check the length of your commutator brushes ...they are replace-able
And ......clean the copper part of the armature, (spinning part)
Turn on pump and pull, release over and over the dispensing nozzle handle it should prime
Clean all elec. conn well! Good luck! Paul
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Re: fr 1604 won't prime. Help w/ pump mechanics.

Postby eyerhyme » Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:50 pm

Hi! I have 3 FR1604 pumps and they all work well but where can I get the commutator brushes?
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