heating 1000 gal used cooking oil tanks

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heating 1000 gal used cooking oil tanks

Postby wilfischer » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:47 pm

I have 3 poly 1000gal cone bottom tanks I use for settling used cooking oil I collect. My problem is that I can't let these tanks settle much longer then 48 hours till I need to pump out and the tanks are stored at room temp. I'm thinking of running Pex (plastic water line) in a coil type configuration through my 1000 gal cone bottom tanks. I want to run water via a hot water tank and circulation pump through this coil thus creating heat in my tanks to help with the settling process. I want to have it stay at a constant 100 degrees. What are your thoughts on this? I could use one hot water heater and have valves to cancel each tank as I need, Rarely will they ever all need to be running at once.

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Re: heating 1000 gal used cooking oil tanks

Postby SunWizard » Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:59 am

The trick is that the heat needs to be applied slowly or it creates convection currents which prevent settling. In <24 hours (to allow 24 hours settling) you would have to apply a huge amount of heat to get 1000 gals up to 100F, like a large industrial water heater. You probably will get better settling by keeping it at room temp for the whole time, and it won't be much settling in that short time.
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