2 tank setup with on board cetrifuge

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2 tank setup with on board cetrifuge

Postby bazjes » Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:07 pm

Hi guys new to this forum but highly impressed....ok my name is baz and i have a detriot diesel v6 v-71 coach and wanting a detailed WVO setup with centrifuge. i have room for three tanks if this is a better way to go. i have followed forums and read heaps on the WVO..just need info on use of a centrifuge for cleaning of waste and water as we travel...

also i have room in engine above the engine to strap on a tank, ? will the help with heating the oil. ill be traveling round oz this xmas so im pushing to get on with it.

love to hear from someone that has a setup similar to this would be great.
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Re: 2 tank setup with on board cetrifuge

Postby SunWizard » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:07 am

Hi and welcome to the forum. Its best to have a tank that you pump the dirty WVO into, then CF in that tank, then pump into a clean tank when done. See my rig I have used for 7 years at Dieselcraft WVO centrifuge works great-My filter dewater rig. The only changes needed to run on the road is to use a DC gear pump to run it instead of the 120 volt AC one I used, unless you have an inverter that makes 120 VAC. A FPHE is the best way to heat it with coolant while on the road.
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Re: 2 tank setup with on board cetrifuge

Postby coachgeo » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:08 pm

Yep Sun's system should be adaptable for road Cfuging. The Dieselcraft Cfuge used is NOT a true centerfuge so keep that in mind in your design. for full cleansing it uses BOTH hot fumigation for evaporation step in the dewater process (my terminology) combined with a limited C.fuge action which dewaters heavier water drops AND cleans spins out junk particles.** The combination of highly heated oil and the design of the placment of jets in the Diesel Craft that make the unit spin acts for our purposes as a hot fumigation/evaporation portion of the unit. Therfore you have to have some way for the evaporated water to escape. Sun's open top drum his DieselCraft sits in works just fine for this BUTT... a mobil unit will need some other way. Can't have an open top drum of HOT sloshing oil* in a moving vehicle.

A thought I had on this is to have the C.fuge sitting in a very large 4way plumbing "T". (more like a "t") PVC? Bottom of C.Fuge's clean oil exits bottom of T into the closed container of cleaned oil below. Top of "t" is where the C.Fuge sits. This has to be sealed so no oil can spill if your lay your rig on its side in high winds. This goes for all legs of the "t". System must be a total closed circuit as much as you can. For Non RV type folk.. Laying a Bus or 5thwheel etc. on its side..... YEP this happens and way more often than RVer's like to admit.

The evaporated water mist should end up exiting somewhere around the gap centeral to all legs of the "t". My thought was to mount a duct to left and right side. Your chosen Exit side of your arrangment a little down hill plumbed; Tilted T? verticle C.Fuge?, so if water mist collects and condenses on the walls of "t" it rolls away down the down hill ducting and on out and NOT back into the oil. On one side ........ the opposide of the down hill plumped Leg of the "t"; mount a fan to blow "filtered" air across the central gap inside the "t" to push the evaporation water mist into the down hill side you plumbed in the "t". This will take a good bit of experementing. You can not have the evaporated water collect and condense anywhere that lets it fall back into the oil you just cleaned and dewatered.

there is ways to catch any oil that also got blown out the exit AND help keep the water mist from NOT collecting in that caught oil. It will still be wet but least you caught some of the water from collecting in it. drain this captured oil off occasionaly and add it into the dirty tank.

Granted...... I may be WAYYYYYY behind on Sun's upgrades. Last I looked his was still open top barrel so the water mist raises and moves away from clean oil before condinsing and falling out.

Oh and we have discussed this some in here. Search for "Holy Grail"

* Dont forget Baffels in your tanks/drums, to keep sloshing to a minimal for both vehicle stability, to help with dewatering and reduce polmerization. For simple baffels Wiffle balls stuffed to the brim work pretty good as baffels from what I've read though last I read that it was for Petrol...... You may want to sit a waffel ball brand you choose in both clean and worst case senario dirty nasty acidic oil and see what it does to the plastic the ball is made of.

** A true centrafuge may not work in a moving vehilce. To work right a true centrafuge has to remain motionless so walls are allways verticle to work right AND to keep it in balance. You think a washing machine or dryer sounds aweful off balance..... add many thousand more RPM a true centrafuge spins at and you got real issues that might include a break apart sending shratnel through out the vehicle.
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Re: 2 tank setup with on board cetrifuge

Postby wydra » Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:34 pm

I prefer to filter and dewater when stopped over night or for a few days. a LOT easier I think. I also prefer gravity fed CF's after having a diesel craft. It's for sale though if you want to buy it.
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