What body/ies will work on my 96 2500??

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What body/ies will work on my 96 2500??

Postby 100k » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:27 am

I know this is off topic but I figured I'd ask here and see if I can get some guidance. My 96 ram has cancer pretty bad and I was originally going to do body work but upon getting into it I realized it'd be wasted effort. So I've decided to buy a body and swap them out.

My truck is a regular cab long box and I'd like to put an extended cab on even though it means i'll then have a short box.

???Will this work on my truck's frame? I realize I'll have to add some new mounts, that's not a problem but will the curvature of the frame and all work for an extended cab?

???What years will work with my truck? I think 94 through 98 but if I could upgrade to a new body style that would be a nice bonus.
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