1982 Vanagon, 1.6L turbo diesel....

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1982 Vanagon, 1.6L turbo diesel....

Postby voner » Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:00 pm

1982 Vanagon, 1.6L turbo diesel.....

Rebuilt turbo diesel engine is from a 1985 Volkswagen Jetta. About 10,000 miles on the rebuilt engine. 4 speed manual transmission from an air cooled gas Vanagon enables this Van to cruise easily at 65 mph. I get 26-30 miles a gallon on the highway, low 20s in town. The combination of Hankook tires (especially made for tall vans), front Bilstein shocks, and rear adjustable Koni shocks makes riding and turning in this van quite nice! Starts well in cold weather!

I'm forced to sell this van because of some physical problems that don't allow me to drive the van anymore. I originally intended to keep this vehicle forever and convert it to a Veggie Oil vehicle, and so I have many of those parts & my veggie oil design that I available for extra cost, if you desire. If you contact me, I can supply more pictures and more information. 9704438677.

Not in the deal, but can add in -$350-$500 worth of Veggie oil conversion parts & design. Veggie oil parts include, Arctic Fox inline heater, 16 plate flatplate heat exchanger KAORI K030, 2, 1/2 inch Fuel line switches, ...... see my add elsewhere in this forum for these parts.....

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Asking price: $5150

recently replaced:

new clutch
rebuilt turbo diesel w/ new injection pump, and injectors, new seals, etc.
new Master cylinder/fluid
new rear brakes, wheel cylinders, shoes, bearings etc.
new front disc brakes, calipers, rotor.
gas tank & gas intake seals/vent
new front Bilstein Front Gas Shock Absorbers
new rear KONI Adjustable Twin-Tube Shock Absorbers
new rear carpeting
new rear hatch struts
ignition switch


New Hankook RA08 tires (German -- made for Vanagons) free balancing and rotating with lifetime blowout replacement guarantee at Discount Tire
Kenwood stereo with Boston Acoustics speakers
Rear heater (radiator fluid heated like a conventional vehicle)
Original and rare auxiliary fuel-fired interior heater

The bad:

No odometer, however the speedometer works.
Passenger-side slider door dents.
Minor surface rust.

you can see more photos at:


i can Supply more information and photos.
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Re: 1982 Vanagon, 1.6L turbo diesel....

Postby voner » Thu Oct 11, 2012 4:48 pm

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