84 Mercedes 300 TD Wagon Navy 192,000 w/Greasecar conversion

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84 Mercedes 300 TD Wagon Navy 192,000 w/Greasecar conversion

Postby wickedaubergine » Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:45 pm

We are selling our 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD station wagon.
<li>Automatic transmission</li>
<li>GreaseCar heated waste vegetable oil system</li>
<li>Automatic windows, sun roof, AM/FM/CD</li>
<li>192,XXX Miles </li>

What we have here is a great old station wagon that can be fueled with free waste oil. Low miles for this kind of car.
Automatic transmission, Turbo-diesel, heated vegetable oil system installed and functional. Automatic windows, sun-roof, nice radio/cd-player. Clear title, no accident damage.
We have had the car for about 3 years. We love it, but we have a toddler and can't devote the time and energy to collecting grease and keeping an older car running that is required. If you're interested, please know that all reasonable offers will be considered. We would love to get this car to someone who can love it as much as it deserves.

If you are interested, include a phone number. And yes, the car is still on the market. I'll take the ad down when I sell.

The good:
Runs well. Decently maintained. It spent about 15 years in California, and then in Tennesee until 3 years ago.
Burns either diesel fuel or filtered vegetable oil, with a secondary veggie tank in the back and solenoids to switch between fuels under the hood.
We replaced the glow plugs and had the valves adjusted when we purchased the car 3 years ago. Starts up fine, even in the cold. Rarely needs block heater.
In general, the body is in great shape. It gleams in that Mercedes way, as you can see in the photos.
Tons of space in the back. The rear seats flip down, giving so you can fit anything in there.
Tires, brakes, etc are in good shape.
Passed inspection.

The bad:
There are a few things wrong with this car. None serious.
In the past, we have had air leaking into the system. In our last attempt to fix this, some leaky hoses were replaced and it hasn't happened since (it used to be when the car sat for a number of days, it required purging). In trouble shooting this problem we installed an auxillary pump to help the veggie system demands, and the car only runs well with this pump on. This is most likely due to a bad lift pump. Our mechanic has quoted the repair at around $300 parts and labor. Currently the car runs fine due to the installation of a small electric fuel pump, but in the long term the lift pump should be replaced.
Broken sending units. Veggie sending unit needs to be replaced, and we did replace the diesel sending unit so it isn't calibrated correctly. We just refill the tank when it gets down to a 1/4 tank.

The ugly:
There are a few cosmetic issues here and there.
The Mercedes-Benz emblem broke off, sadly.
A bit of rust in the undercarriage. It's not too bad. Hole patched.
Automatic locks don't work. That branch of the vacuum is blocked off, so the rest of the vacuum system is fine.
The front passenger side quarter-panel is a slightly different color, and was probably replaced by a previous owner.
Front passenger door handle is poorly attached, though functional.
Other standard nicks and bangs for an older car.

At asking price, we are willing to fix exhaust, but best offer for as-is condition will be decided in mid-January.

This car would be best for someone who is mechanically oriented, or interested in learning a basic level of mechanical aptitude, because it's much cheaper to get the parts and fix it yourself than having it done most places. We no longer have time for this since our daughter was born.

Thanks for looking. We're hoping she finds a great new home.
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