Solar Hydrogen veggie oil powered RV in need of veggie oil

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Solar Hydrogen veggie oil powered RV in need of veggie oil

Postby SolTrekker » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:18 pm

Hi Veggie forum

We are currently stopping in the San Diego area on a tour called Creating the Alternative, we are doing this tour in a really righteous vehicle. It's called the SolTrekker. It runs on Solar Photovoltaics, solar thermal, veggie oil, b100 and hydrogen. We were directed to this forum by some friends we have met down here in SD. Our tour is focused on showcasing alternative initiatives going on up and down the west coast as we started up in Portland. We have been able to source a lot of our own oil as we have been down here but both I and my partner have run into some health issues and wanted to know if there was some extra veggie oil around. Also, we would just like to get hooked up with the veg community around here and show off the rig.

Lookin' forward to hearing back from y'all

You can check us out on

Peace and love
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