People who damaged their engines and how?

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Postby jburke » Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:40 am

"A lot of TDIs with coking problems, that quickly lead to massive damage."
I've read every failed WVO TDI thread at and I can say the onlytrend I see is jumping to conclusions and speculation.
It think you have to reserve judgement till 12 months after the last post.

The most famous is DuluthRoosters. A tough one. Did the failed turbo lead to the wvo gunk or was it the other way around? Now we have a poster here who claims there is a 'backstory confession' that one piston was low on compression at the start of conversion.

And another poster in ss44camaro's thread said cyl.'s #1 and #3 soot patterns looked normal, while #2 and #4 were bad. So it may have been one or more failed injectors. If his cold wvo blend was to blame, why would #1 and #3 look ok? A full analysis would require lots of teardown and inspection and photos. And that has never happened at

One thing is certain, if your TDI is not 100%, WVO ( esp. high % blends ) will exacerbate the problem. Before conversion, check your compression and rebuild your injectors. At the least do a crankcase oil analysis ( blackstonelabs ) that looks for VO in your cc oil. I don't know what the safe limit is, but I have heard of problems above 10% VO.
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I doubt that is the cause since he said he still had good

Postby 3lr » Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:51 am

"I doubt that is the cause since he said he still had good oil pressure."

the pickup screens on oil pumps are of a rather large mesh, if caulking was
already found inside the oil pump it is no big feat to plug the piston cooling
jets. they are very similar in size (physical as well as orfrice) of an injector
jet on a carburetor... if they get clogged BUMMER!
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Postby suki1987 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:48 am

The biggest causes of diesel engine damage for people filling them with alternative fuels, are carelessness and willful ignorance.
Speaking of waste motor oil: Apparently, the EPA recognizes burning them in a diesel engine as a valid and safe method of hazardous waste disposal. I recall the old Caterpillar D7Es with the 4 cylinder 5.25" bore engines happily running off drums of that crap deep in logging country.
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Re: People who damaged their engines and how?

Postby vegnomad » Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:53 am

haven't seen posts on this thread in awhile, but gonna try anyway.

saw several mentions of performance injectors possibly being a problem, but none in a cummins engine. I have upgraded 50hp injectors on my 12v 98, and am getting ready to do a conversion. Wondering if this would be a bad idea and should go back to stock injectors...

I don't 'hot dog' my truck, I typically have a camper and trailer at about 16K GVW, and like the extra power. If I need to accelerate quickly I get a quick burst of darker smoke before the turbo spools, but it clears right up. Is this periodic short burst of unburnt fuel gonna be enough to cause problems?

thanks for any feedback!
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