FS: 2002 VW Jetta TDI runs on WVO - $6500 155K Allentown PA

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FS: 2002 VW Jetta TDI runs on WVO - $6500 155K Allentown PA

Postby 2002wvojettaforsale » Tue May 07, 2013 10:52 am

Hello there,

I am new to this forum and please accept my apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. If you know of somewhere else to post this, then please message me. I am trying to sell my car and looking for a good buyer who wants to drive a professionally converted veggie oil car. I am going to be attending school in the fall in a big city with a lot of public transit, so owning a car just doesn't make sense anymore. I have owned my car for the past 6 years and it has been running on Veggie Oil since 2007. Here are the posts I put up on craigslist and ebay: 




This is an amazing vehicle that you won't find too many other places and will pay for itself in a few years! This 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 4A runs on Vegetable Oil and/or Waste Veggie Oil (WVO). There are 155,000 miles on its 4-Speed Automatic Transmission w/OD TDI 1.9L SOHC EFI I4 Turbo-Diesel Engine.

I bought it with 66,000 miles on it in 2007 and I have been driving it on Veggie Oil for the past 6 years. A few summers ago I drove up & back from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Munising, Michigan and it only cost me $12.00 in Diesel! So if you have a connection to a restaurant and can get FREE Waste Vegetable Oil, then this car will definitely pay for itself! That's $6500.00 divided by $4.00 a gallon for Diesel will equal 1625 Gallons of Veggie Oil or 361 Cubes of the 35-Pound Veggie Oil Jugs you can get from any Restaurant with a Deep Fryer (try to find oil that doesn't have a lot of meat cooked in it and it will run better in the engine).

Here's the deets of your future car!!

• Professionally converted in 2007 by Fossil Free Fuels in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

• Electronic WVO Computer designed by FFF that switches to WVO automatically once the Veggie Oil has heated to the correct temperature.

• High-Grade Metal Parts that FFF machined themselves.

• 14.5 Gallon Main Tank is converted, so it holds 14.5 gallons of WVO!

• 5 Gallon Diesel Tank installed in the trunk with separate Nozzle to fill up.

• Heated Filter (this is truck sized and quite large for this car) which allows car to switch over to WVO fairly quickly.

• Second Heater that WVO goes through before entering the Engine so you will never have to worry about your WVO temperature!

• Temperature Switches connected to the Electronic WVO Computer that monitors the engine temperature and knows when to automatically switch on & off the Veggie Oil.

• Electronic WVO Computer knows when you are almost out of WVO and switches automatically back to Diesel while you are driving.

• Electronic WVO Computer automatically purges & flushes ALL of the WVO out of your Fuel Lines by switching back to Diesel for 75 seconds when you turn it off (you can actually take out the Key and walk away and it will turn off automatically after the purge is finished).

• Electronic WVO Computer is fully adjustable so you can tweak it to your needs, and allows you to manually override it while you are driving.

• Automatic Transmission and the Engine runs great! Regular Oil Changes and never had engine problems.

• Black Exterior with Beige Cloth Interior. There are a couple chips in the paint, with many scratches on the bumpers, but no big dents. There is a stain below the gas tank nozzles where the Veggie Oil drips if you spill it while filling up. There are a couple of stains, scratches, and marks on the interior (some of were caused by Veggie Oil) but it looks pretty good for its age. Some Interior Parts & Coverings are worn or broken and might need to be replaced if you want to make the interior look like new. Wind Shield has a chip in the low bottom middle section that is filled, and it was there when I bought it in 2007.

• Passed Pennsylvania Inspection in March (since it's a Diesel you don't have to pay for Emissions Testing in Pennsylvania).

• New Starter and Both Strut Mounts & Bearings installed last month by a dealer, with Front Tires recently replaced and aligned. New Window Shield Wiper Blades installed.

• Power Steering, Power Windows, Dual Front Airbags and Side Airbags, Rear Defroster

• Dealer said Emergency Break Cable is rusted, Control Arms are Torn, Battery Hold Down is Missing, and Battery Tray is Broken. There is a slow leak of Diesel from the back with only a couple of drips a day.

• Air Conditioner will need to be replaced for the summer. It is not leaking so it probably needs a new Compressor. Heater works well, but will pump out heat all the time until the AC is repaired.

• Yellow Warning Light has been on the past 6 years that I have owned it. These are little electrical problems that I didn't know how to repair. One is probably something to do with the interior lights not always working properly, or that when you leave the lights on the bell will not ding to warn you. If you hook the the Car's Computer up to a machine you will see all the little problems, but I have never been able to get them all fixed in order to turn this Yellow Warning Light off.

• Someone rear-ended it in 2007 while my friend was borrowing it. This was a few months after I bought it in 2007, but that was all repaired professionally from the other person's insurance money. It has not been in any other accidents since then (and I never loaned it to my friend ever again). My Driver Side-View Mirror was replaced when someone hit in while it was parked.

• Tape Player Stereo that works great with one speaker in the front passenger side currently not working

• Cruise Control

• 3 Keys provided

• 2 Vegetable Oil Filters included for the WVO Heated Filter

• Will run on BioDiesel, but only in the 5 Gallon Diesel Tank installed in the Trunk

• Including a 5 Gallon and 1 Gallon Safety Cans if you run out of WVO and Diesel during a long trip

• If you don't have a Veggie Oil connection from a Restaurant you might be able to buy filtered Vegetable Oil from a Bio Diesel Company in your area. This car is not good for long road trips if you are only running it on Diesel or BioDiesel since you have to stop every 2 hours to fill up the 5 Gallon Diesel Tank installed in the Trunk.

• This is not a car for someone who doesn't want to get their hands/basements/sheds dirty with Vegetable Oil. You can build your own filtering machine for the Waste Vegetable Oil you will be getting for FREE from Restaurants. There are plans on the internet for various different filtering machines you can build for about $300-$1000. Here's one idea of how to do it,  [url]youtu.be/eZw2VQD4nBs[/url]  but search around for the best idea. Expect filtering Veggie Oil to be a potentially dirty process and make sure you have a good dry area that you can do it in (and that can get a little messy).

If all of this interests you please email me at  2002wvojettaforsale@gmail.com  or give me a call/text at 215-850-994Five. I can send you more photos if you let me know your email address. I would be looking for a Cashiers Check or Money Order to be able switch over the Title to you, and unfortunately I can't really do a loan for you since I am not a dealer. I am willing to drive within 5 hours of Allentown, Pennsylvania to meet you if this is a serious offer and you have the payment ready to go that day (and if you can drive me to a bus station to get back to Allentown). But please don't waste my time & fuel if you plan on haggling me down thousands of dollars for this amazing vehicle.

Thank you for your time in looking and don't delay on contacting me if you're salivating over this car. I'm posting this in many places and will be getting many offers. Don't delay on Saving the World!!

Call/Text 215-850-994Five
Email 2002wvojettaforsale@gmail.com








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