Need tip of getting access of wasted oil from a restaurant.

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Need tip of getting access of wasted oil from a restaurant.

Postby aquaseve8 » Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:28 pm

I live in an urban area. After asking six restaurants to collect their waste cooking oil, I did not get anything from anyone of them. It was my first time. Here are their responses to my question: "Can I pick up your waste cooking oil?". A boss comes out saying " we have a company picking up our grease waste and our oil at the same time. We pay a fee for the wasted grease being picked up and get a lump sum back for the oil." " We have one year contract with this company" " We already have a guy who put his container here..." So , I think that my area has been farmed. In other word, I need to move to a remote town that the "company" has no interest in it because of too little too far. Or I am the first guy to be there when there is a new restaurant opening up. It seems that I am running into a dead end road on my wvo fuel adventure. Good thing that I have not converted my w123 '82 300d yet.

Is there some one has a similar experience? Please advise!
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Re: Need tip of getting access of wasted oil from a restaura

Postby White99z » Fri May 30, 2014 6:57 pm

My first day out, we went to probably 15 restaurants. Sneak a quick peak in the dumpster to make sure it's worth taking before spending the time to ask. Family owned restaurants are best. Tell them what you are doing... They may find it interesting. I didn't get any bites the first day but went back the next day to speak to the owner of one and successfully got thirty gallons and the other was closed the day before. 50 gallons there. This was just one major street in my city!

80 gallons for about 3-4 hours of work driving, asking, and collecting. Very few miles were put on actually searching!
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