New to wvo with questions on blending and 2 tank systems

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New to wvo with questions on blending and 2 tank systems

Postby Rkmcdon » Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:51 pm

Hey everyone. I'm new here and very interested in using wvo to run a diesel.

I'm in the process of purchasing a 1969 FJ55 with a blown engine, which i will swap for a 4BT. I plan on putting an auxillary tank on it regardless, so had initially decided on a 2 tank set up, but honestly, I'm not crazy about the complexity of the systems i've seen. I want this car to be simple (one of the reasons i went with such an early model Land Cruiser), durable and reliable.

I've looked around for a supply of wvo and it appears to still be fairly readily available here.

My plan is to set up a centrifuge filtration system to filter and dewater the wvo.

I live in fort smith, AR and we have mild winters. It only drops below freezing a handful of times each year and many winters we don't even see the teens. The FJ55 will not be a daily driver.

So my questions:

1. For simplicity sake, I considered starting with a mix of 1part RUG, 1 part diesel, 4 parts wvo (roughly 16-17% each RUG and Diesel, then 67% WVO).
-Does this mix seem like an ok start point to see how the engine likes it?
2. How long can a wvo/rug/diesel blend be stored before it starts to separate out?
3. Understanding the large variability in wvo, climate and engines, does the above blend look suitable for year round use in the climate I described above?
4. Is it reasonable to expect to be able to run this blend (or similar if modifications prove necessary) in an unmodified 4bt with good results?
-Ive seen so many conflicting stories about blended wvo, from run it year round in unmodified diesel engine without trouble to you can't start on wvo/rug/diesel blend without a heated system. I'm totally confused on the use of blends.
5. If i go 2 tank (which is what i'm leaning towards since I will have 2 tanks regardless), can i get away with a simple system? Something to the effect of:
Wvo tank with coiled loop around pickup to coolant warm wvo in tank
Fuel line in coolant tube to counterflow warm in the fuel line
Warmed wvo filter (electric wrap)
Tank switch valve (connected to fuel line coming from diesel tank through diesel filter
Common fuel line to Lift pump then on to IP (I'm not actually sure you can put the filter between the tank and lift pump, but it makes this setup easier if I can)
-That would be all of the mods. I think the main items lacking here are a lack of a back flush means or a loop to return fuel to the tank, but it seems like this setup would be ok without them...then again I'm a newbie
-The system would be started on pump diesel until engine to operating temp then switched to wvo. It would be switched back to Diesel for a few minutes for stopping to flush out the wvo
-Addition of injector line heaters is an option, but it seems like overkill and an added complexity that I'd rather avoid unless justified by a tangible benefit

I would certainly appreciate any input on this as well as suggestions. I want the best blend of simplicity, reliability and durability that I can achieve.

1969 FJ55 Project - Planned: 4bt swap, spring over, locking diffs, 35" BFG MT's and of course...veggie power!
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