VW SDI engine no conversion, how to blend?

Single Tank WVO systems and blending SVO WVO to thin it.

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VW SDI engine no conversion, how to blend?

Postby stephendv » Sat Mar 29, 2014 3:21 am


I'm new to the forum and the reason I'm posting is that my local supermarket is selling new sunflower oil for 1 Euro/litre, whereas the price of diesel is 1.4 Euro/litre. I have 2 diesel cars a 1.9TDI Seat Altea (PD) and a Seat Inca van which has an SDI engine- AFAIK, both are direct injection and they're both just stock engines, no conversion.
I'd like to take advantage of running SVO, but without making any changes to the cars, so I guess I have a number of questions:

1. The Altea (with the TDI PD engine), has a sticker on the fuel cap that clearly says "NO BIODIESEL". I did a bit of research on this, and I think it may be unique to that model of seat in Spain (where I live). So I'm assuming it's a question of biodiesel quality in Spain, rather than a question of something specific to that engine. In any case, I think all diesel sold here is already at least 5% Biodiesel. So, can I safely blend SVO in that car, even if it is only 10% SVO, 90% Diesel?
2. The other Seat van with SDI engine is an old conker which I just use for short < 20km trips and already has 140 000kms on the clock. What's the safe blending ratio to use for it?

I'm running both on 100% diesel, so from my perspective any amount of blending would be better than nothing.

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