1984 Mercedes 300SD Turbo Diesel

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1984 Mercedes 300SD Turbo Diesel

Postby elroyphoton » Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:57 pm

-We just dropped the price from $1100 to $950.-

Has the time come for my project to become your project? Read on to see if you qualify.

What's offered is one "classic" 1984 Mercedes 300SD Turbo Diesel. Probably a babe magnet. However, it's the same pole as babes, so they'll likely be repulsed. The sweet paint job by the previous owner (or 'Prev' as we'll call him from here out) does a great job of covering up the obvious rust spots (The rust isn't horrible, but then, it's hard to tell exactly). Prev also installed this oversized turbo in a straight-pipe configuration. He was probably hoping it would turn this car into a hot rod. Mostly it makes it smoke like a forest fire at low rpm because it's getting too much diesel. Luckily, because this is diesel, it doesn't need emissions testing in Wisconsin. Although, your conscience might urge you to solve the smoking problem after a while as the clouds of diesel smoke may make plants wilt and small birds fall from the sky as you drive around. Prev also installed a bigger exhaust from the engine back, but it was kind of a hack job, so it ended up falling off after a while. The odometer says 215,000, but I don't recall whether it still works, so it might have more miles than that.

The current owner (hereafter referred to as 'I') contributed a few upgrades, too. I put new tires on all four corners. They have probably a couple of hundred miles on them, tops. I just finished installing a new alternator and fan belts as well. I installed the alternator last summer, but didn't get around to installing the belts until last week. So after the car sat immobile for nearly a year, it started up after a couple of seconds of cranking. It has always started well.

This car was going to become my next veggie oil car, but I bought a TDI VW before I got around to converting this one. If you want a car that runs, starts well, and could be great for a veggie oil car and you are feeling up to the challenge of figuring out why it smokes like crazy and have $1100 then you might be the right person for this car (project). The recruiter for this project is Elroy or Shelly. Call now (or email). Check out photos in our craigslist post http://racine.craigslist.org/cto/4520832458.html
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