Favorite Blends for VO and Diesel

Single Tank WVO systems and blending SVO WVO to thin it.

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Favorite Blends for VO and Diesel

Postby John Galt » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:19 pm

This list includes the most common materials used for diesel fuel.

If you were to blend your favorite mix how much of each of the following would you use?

In what engine?

Down to what "clean start-up" temperature?

Petro diesel
Jet fuel
Stove Oil
Gasoline, petrol
Paint thinner, Varsol, Mineral spirits
ATF transmission fluid
Transformer oil
Engine oil
Used engine oil
Machine oil

Canola oil
Soy oil
Hydrogenated oil
WierdVegOil of unknown origin



Ron Schroeder
Location: NY

Posted 11-09-07
5% to 20% RUG or 3% to 10% mineral spirits.

85 or older MB
Using in startup tank of 2 tank system down to 40F with PHO Soy.

'85 300D
Since '81 former WVO conversions:
'83 240D
'80 Audi 4000D
'83 Isuzu Pup
'86 Golf
'76 Honda Civic with Kubota engine
Several generators
Kubota Tractor


Location: Uncasville, CT ...

Posted 11-09-07
70% WVO 30% Stale RUG (Amsoil Diesel fuel modifier, Amsoil cetane boost, Amsoil cold flow improver) 1oz to five gal, acetone 1oz to 10 gal, Down to -5F in 2001 jetta TDI and 1985 300 SD MB

1985 300SD 286K no mods, his 17K on veg(2.25 yrs)
01 Jetta TDI 169K stock, hers (ours)25K on veg(1.5 yr), 70% WVO, 30% stale RUG, AMSOIL cetane boost, AMSOIL diesel fuel modifier, acetone, startron, AMSOIL cold flow improver, pure gum turpentine

Location: Panama

Posted 13-09-07
I use 75% wvo, 20% kerosene, 5% rug. Temps here don't get much below 58 degrees in the evenings.

I'm still cautious, running 50% my blend with 50% diesel. I have two vehicles I'm running this in a 2002 Huyudai 2.5 diesel and a Nissan Frontier 3.0 turbo.

Dr J

Posted 13-09-07
Mercedes 300 D: 10 gallons vegetable oil, 1 gallons kerosene, 0.5 gallons RUG, 7 ounces diesel clean, 1 ounce Deezol, 4 ml Kathon FP 1.5 aviation. In winter, down to 15 degrees F, add 1.5 gallons kerosene.

For volkswagen jetta, add 1.5 gallons kerosene in summer, 2 gallons in winter (down to 15 F), otherwise same formula. Jetta definitely harder to start in winter.


backdoor greaser
Location: Cortland Ohio

Posted 18-09-07

engine? _6.4L
to "clean start-up" temperature? __34 degrees

Kerosene 15%
Gasoline, petrol 5% RUG
WierdVegOil of unknown origin 80%

Location: Sydney Australia

Posted 21-09-07,
Winter: 20% RUG/ WVO unheated fuel system down to 0C
40% Biodiesel, 10% Rug WVO heated fuel system to 0C

Summer: 5-10% Rug WVO to 40C heated or not
10-20% Biodiesel WVO Heated system to 40C

'78 300D

For Veg fuel use, the only difference between Fats and Oil is temprature.

1978 Merc 300D.
Running Blend and 2 tank system with Home Made HE and water injection.

John Galt
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Joined: Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:17 pm
Location: Coldest North America

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