tanks in cold weather

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tanks in cold weather

Postby econoPSD » Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:00 pm

Hello everybody. New to the list and about to start a 2-tank veggie oil conversion on my 2001 ford econoline box van with the 7.3 powerstroke diesel. My plan is to emulate the vegistroke system, so that the entire veggie fuel system is separate. I'd like to have 2 veggie tanks: one for filtered/dewatered oil and the other for the raw product, which will get filtered using a centrifuge circuit following sunwizard's design. The question I have is about how this might work in cold weather. I am in Montana and plan to use the van in the winter, which can mean temps below zero Fahrenheit, but more typically in the 20s. My preferred option would be to purchase some cylindrical aluminum tanks off of a semi truck, which would sit below the box (which is 19" above the bottom of the frame). The other more expensive option would be to purchase aluminum transfer tanks and mount them inside, which will be insulated and heated. How much of an issue is cold weather? Will a hotfox heated fuel pickup do the job even in zero degree weather? Would this be adequate if I were running the centrifuge circuit or rapidly pumping from one tank to the other. Thanks, Alan
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