Diesel System Mystery

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Diesel System Mystery

Postby GroundControl » Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:43 pm


I’ve been running a 2001 Ford E-450 Shuttle Bus with a three tank conversion and cleaning system. I’ve burned about 7000 miles on veg since May 16, 2014 with very few issues until sometime during the last 500 miles.
I'm running a standard Veggiestroke system, with a heated pickup, filter, and FPHE. I clean my oil with a centrifuge and 20 micron fleetguard prior to it entering the tank.

I can crank and purge on diesel most of the time, but once I put it in gear, the acceleration is very weak (can't get up past 20mph), and the engine will start shaking and making noise like it’s going to stall out. I can flip the purge switch to open and there will be a marginal power increase, but nothing like the full power I get when I switch to veg.

I'm relatively sure this is a filter issue...

Today we took the Racor R45S fuel filter off and what looks like a mixture of veg and diesel came pouring out. This points to contamination and a clogged fuel filter. I’m waiting for a replacement to come to NAPA in the morning. We tested to see if there was backflow when running on "veg" by cranking the engine on veg with the Racor filter off and seeing if anything was coming out of the diesel lines. As far as our test went, the lines were dry. We will have to install the new filter tomorrow and see what difference that makes.

My main concern is the contamination. Have many people have experienced their check valve/s failing after such a short period of time?

Is there a variable I am not considering as to why the diesel system started acting up in the last 500 miles?

Under what conditions would this contamination happen that we’re not seeing any back flow of veg through the lines when we remove the spin on Racor filter?

Thank you for your time and consideration with this issue.

- Ground Control Joel
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Re: Diesel System Mystery

Postby SunWizard » Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:31 pm

A pressure guage would help to tell where the problem is, its my favorite troubleshooting tool, and its simple and cheap. It even helps catch a filter starting to plug before it becomes bad enough to mess up performance. I don't have any experience with the veggiestroke, do they still have a forum where you could ask? You could check your check valves and make sure there is not poly forming on them keeping them from fully closing.
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