1991 Mercedes 350 SDL

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1991 Mercedes 350 SDL

Postby PJKarner » Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:17 pm

This is definitely the most luxury and advanced Veggi-Oil conversion you have ever seen! This Mercedes is in mint condition!! An opportunity you never get again!!!


I bought the car in 2006 in Tampa Florida with 130,000 miles, fully restored it and installed a computer controlled fully automatic vegetable-oil system. Changed ball joints, tie-rod ends and rubber bushings on suspension. New steering gearbox. New brakes and changed brake fluid every 3 years. Tires are fairly new. Replaced connecting rods by thicker ones (original Mercedes Re-Design) to avoid rod-bending which is a big problem with 3.5 Diesel Engines. Honed cylinders, replaced all connecting rod bearing shells and all piston rings. Engine Head was planed, new Intake and Exhaust Valves properly ground in. New oil pan and head gasket, new crank shaft seal and even the alternator received new brushes. The turbo got fully overhauled by a specialist and I've installed a boost gauge in the center console. There's a so called "Trabold-Filter" which 'fine-fine' filters engine oil and avoids oil changes (just google Trabolt filters). Same for transmission oil. Use synthetic oils in engine, power steering, transmission and differential.
New condenser for A/C. Car comes with electric engine heater with water resistant plug in front wheel well on driver side.
New radiator and new radiator hoses.
The interior was removed, cleaned and reinstalled. Everything broken or worn got replaced by new parts. New hood liner.
The white exterior paint is all original, no scratches, no dents. Car is rust-free. Bumpers and plastic trim got re-painted. Always washed and polished the car by hand.
Installed a wind wiser on the Moon Roof which keeps the noise down and makes the ride with open roof a pleasure.
Replaced headlights by much nicer looking European headlights and clear turning lights (see picture).
No keys are needed for this car. A remote control unlocks the doors (comes with 2 remotes). With key pad on the center console ignition can be activated and a push button starts the engine. I used this system on different cars for many years and it works absolutely reliable for 20 years.
The veggi-oil system is a 2-tank system. The 25 gal. main tank is been used for filtered veggi-oil and a 6 gal. tank for Diesel is been installed in the trunk. A microcontroller checks temperatures on engine, veggi-oil filter and veggi-oil tank. When defined temperatures are reached it switches from Diesel to veggi-oil. There's an electric heater on the veggi-oil-filter and a coolant heat exchanger takes care to heat the veggi-oil to the right temperature during normal operation. For shutting off the engine there are 'short term shut off' and 'long term shut off' with automatic injection Diesel flush available. A display shows all temperatures and what the system currently does. During the last 6 years the system works extremely reliable. I'm sure there's further questions, just let me know.
The Car has a fancy stereo system. The radio activates an electric antenna and there's a SD-Card player. The amplifier control unit underneath the radio has an integrated Equalizer with fancy display (see picture).

I'm running cars on veggi-oil for 14 years now and developed this professional fully automatic veggi-oil fuel system based on my experience with Mercedes Diesel engines and using vegetable oil as fuel. By the way, I'm a mechanical development engineer with 20+ years of experience and work on cars for more than 30 years.

Never drove this Benz in winter and even avoided bad weather in general.

This vehicle is in great condition, engine runs very powerful and fantastically smooth and transmission shifts very smoothly. The car is very quiet and fun to drive. For everybody who knows how to process cooking oil, it's the perfect way to drive an outstanding luxury car nearly for free.

Please make a reasonable offer!

The car comes with a big selection of filters (Diesel, Veggi-Oil, Engine-Oil, Trabolt Fine Filters).
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