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New WVO Convert, EDC Warning Light and power loss - Road Tri

Postby Andy at Focallocal » Sat Sep 20, 2014 7:20 am

Hi, i just finished a 2 tank WVO (Waste Veg Oil) convertion on my '02 Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI LWB and am attempting to drive it from London to Vietnam spreading awareness of my project (Focallocal) to create connection in local communities and spread a wave of happiness everywhere.

The van ran beautifully for around 150km, then it lost power for around 1 sec and the EDC and Fuel Filter Contaminated lights both came on. I switched back immediately, but tried again later this time getting around 50km before the same happened again.

I'm wondering what you guys make of this issue? the van (Connie) was most definitely not looked after well before i bought it and i've done a lot of work already tidying it up, but so far it has seemed to be in excellent mechanical condition - but i havent changed the filter, and i doubt its been changed for many years.

The oil i collect i filter once to 20microns, then again to 5microns. In the engine it runs through another 5 micron filter and then through the mercedes original filter. the oil runs through 2 heat exchangers and is very hot when it reaches the injectors. The line to the WVO tank is very long and i worry the engines stock pump might be struggling with it - but it didnt seem to be an issue while i was driving.

i'm not terrible at mechanical stuff but not great either and i'd love your thoughts.

Kind wishes,
Andy :0)

..... an idea to spread a wave of local connection and happinesss around the World. please join in!
Andy at Focallocal
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Re: New WVO Convert, EDC Warning Light and power loss - Road

Postby SunWizard » Sat Sep 20, 2014 10:22 am

Hi, sounds like a fun project.

Do you have a fuel pressure guage? That is my favorite tool to tell what is happening, and whether your filter is starting to plug, since it tells me weeks before the filter is plugged enough to cause trouble. Yes the stock pump might not be able to pull through a long distance, or even worse, pull through a filter or 2. Changing the filter that hasn't been changed in years is a good place to start. You might need a booster pump to push through the filter which is much easier and stronger than pulling. I would need to see a diagram of the plumbing to give more ideas.
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