Protecting your coolant and veg lines

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Protecting your coolant and veg lines

Postby centrifuge marty » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:19 am

I just converted my 96 cummins extended cab 4wd pickup to rum on 2 tank wvo system. I live in northern b.c Canada near Alaska where it is very cold and the roads are not great. Wanting to protect and keep my lines as warm as possible I used hose on hose the fuel line and both coolant lines lay together then wrap the hole length in black tape then placed in side pipe insulation the kind that opens up with the Velcro strip that you close up after then wrapped black tape around again and placed in side a 2 inch pvc pipe that runs along my frame from the engins compartment to the box makes a 90 deg turn straight up through a hole in box bed right beside my veg tank where the lines come out and attach to my hotfox tank heater.
I am running a plantdrive vm2 heated veg filter and 30 plate fphe, I copied sun wizards design with the manual valves that I am having to replace after 3 months as they are real tight and the filter valve stripped out stuck on veg filter.
Sun wizards design is by far the simplist design to convert these trucks, I insulated all lines everyone including my injector lines nothing is exposed to the air. I have the stock thermostat which is 180 and cardboard in grill and consistently get 170 oil at my pump as I have a sender and gauge tied into the line.
The truck runs flawless no difference when you switch over except the smell ,God I love that smell. Just drove over 1000 kms on a hunting trip and burnt 30$ in diesel. You can't beat that in a 8000 lb vehicle
1996 Dodge Cummins extended cab 4x4
2-Tank veg oil conversion based on sunwizard design
Plantdrive VM2 filter, 30 fphe, arctic fox in tank heater, manual valves
I love The Smell
centrifuge marty
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