New best mpg figures

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New best mpg figures

Postby centrifuge marty » Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:40 am

Just did a recent trip to visit in laws, in my 96 cummins converted using sun wizards design.Total distance was 725 miles, truck was plugged in and warmed up before leaving and on the return as it is winter in northern British Columbia less than a gallon of diesel was used on the trip only to warm up and purge. Works out to over 750 mpg, this is by far the best thing I have ever done converting my truck to wvo.
I am very fortunate to have a good oil supply they use 100% canola change it every day and get 500 litres per month. I settle in the cubbies in warm garage for 1 month then pour through 100 micron barrel filter to get any big stuff, heat to 160 deg. Then run through a 65 gph pa biodiesel centrifuge for 8 hrs then add 10% diesel for winter blend mix for 1 hr then through 1 micron filter into the truck. I still have the original veg filter which is a vm2 heated filter from plantdrive, it's been 7 months and the filter has same psi as when I put it in.
I cannot stress enough to use very good oil, don't cheap out. I hate hearing about people who dump it through a bed sheet or pair of jeans , no wonder they have issues. Spend the money you will pay the filtering set up off in a few months if you drive lots. It cost me over $1000 for my filter set up and centrifuge it is the heart of my conversion and worth every penny, you wouldn't believe the crap the centrifuge takes out of what looks like clean oil, when I am done it is a beautiful amber color. Just to check the oil I took 1 liter mason jar added 300 ml of 30% gas topped up with the clean oil stirred and put It by my wood stove for a month and nothing dropped out no settling, now you know that's clean oil.
This summer I have to do a trip to my parents house it's over 1000 miles and will do it in one shot. That will be over 1000 mpg of diesel used. What can you say WOW
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