New Complete Frybrid WVO/SVO Conversion Kit & Frybrid Still

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New Complete Frybrid WVO/SVO Conversion Kit & Frybrid Still

Postby rudeamerican » Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:10 pm

(New) Complete Frybrid WVO/SVO Conversion Kit & Frybrid Still

Brand new, never been used or installed, complete Frybrid System originally purchased for $1795.00. Also included are instruction manual and components to build a complete Frybrid Still including FSI X 100 bag filter housing with 5 micron bag filters and stand, Plusi diesel transfer electric pump (needs thorough cleaning) and electric water heater (water heater only available for local pickup).

Complete Frybrid kit w/ rectangular 15 gal. tank (30”x9”x12”, flush fill). You get aluminum lines feed and return, large FPHE, no copper in the tank, in-tank unit with reservoir and head shield, No coolant fitting in the tank, sealed tank, inductive sender with low fuel trigger, Frybrid coolant heated filter assembly, all assembly hardware with an integral FPHE.

1) The Frybrid fuel cell is built from 5052 aircraft aluminum, all seems are hand TIG welded and the tank pressure tested. The internal baffle not only prevents fuel movement, but isolates oil in the area of the fuel pickup and internal high efficiency in-tank heat exchanger with surrounds the fuel pickup and return lines, and all internal fitting are TIG welded to insure no possible leaks

2) The Frybrid heated fuel lines (patent pending) are made from fuel rated 3000 series aircraft aluminum fuel line, enclosed in a jacket of heated coolant, the fittings are rated for hydraulic fluids at high temperatures.

3) The Frybrid heated fuel filter incorporates a high efficiency coolant to fuel heat exchanger through which the fuel passes and a standard Bosch diesel fuel filter with water drain.

4) The Frybrid final fuel heat exchanger is extremely efficient and easily capable of producing 160F+ vegetable oil with 180F coolant under full engine load.

5) The Frybrid system uses two solenoid valves with default diesel, each is individually controlled.

6) The Frybrid Gen-3 Microprocessor controls: Auto-switching to VO when proper temp has been reached insuring that cold oil does not enter the fuel system, Alarm warnings if shutdown without purging, Automated one touch purging cycle completely purges all VO from the fuel system before shutdown, Status indicators and override capability.

The Fryrid system is a two tank fuel system. The vehicle’s original diesel fuel system functions just as it always has, once the vehicle is started, the engine produces heat which is transferred from the engine by the coolant. The Frybrid system taps into the engine’s coolant using this waste heat to heat the vegetable oil to a temperature where it will combust with similar characteristics to diesel fuel. The temperature of the engine’s coolant is monitored by a microprocessor and when it detects that the system is capable of delivering fuel at an acceptable temperature, it simply switches the fuel feeding the engine to the vegetable oil tank. Without hesitation the engine begins to consume the vegetable oil rather than the diesel fuel. Before the vehicle is shut down, the fuel system must be returned to diesel operation. This must be initiated by the driver by pressing a button. The microprocessor then deals with the switching of the valve and the purging of the fuel system ensuring that the vehicle is safe to shut down.

The Frybrid system is simply the most advanced and robust vegetable oil system available. They are at the cutting edge of WVO technology and intend to remain there. The main differences from other similar products are how much more efficiently and completely Fribrid heats the oil before injection. Their controller which automatically switches to VO when the coolant and combustion chamber are at appropriate temperature, will not damage your engine by early switching due to the quality of their components. All of their components are of the highest quality in the field and Frybrid has been the first to introduce many innovations like delayed return valve switching for quick purges, aluminum fuel lines, automation, and high quality valves.

Available for local pick-up OR buyer is responsible for shipping arrangements
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