CA Fuel Tax Change?

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CA Fuel Tax Change?

Postby dragonfly » Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:02 pm

A San Diego newspaper reported that the CA State Legislatures stated the state is loosing fuel tax money. Cars are more fuel efficient, electric cars use very little fuel. A new program states that fuel tax might be based on miles driven. A call for 5000 "volunteers" to track their milage will be used to gain data. Several civic groups and government agencies will be involved in assessing the data. I can see some real problems, especially with the WVO and Bio community. The car's onboard computer is most likely be used to gain data, but by who? Another suggestion was to raise the registration fees. Another state dept for administrating the program! I'm sure other states are also looking at the same problem - loss of fuel tax money. Drivers complain the roads are poorly maintained. I looked up the amt of fuel tax CA collects each year, but the money is put in the general fund! The GF supported balancing the CA budget NOT roads! What with that! Comments?
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