Fuel Tank Vent Moisture Entry Prevention

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Tank Vent Breathers + Dryers?

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Fuel Tank Vent Moisture Entry Prevention

Postby Loxley » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:16 pm

So I'm familiar with drying VO as much as possible before putting it in the onboard tank as a preventative measure for keeping moisture out of the fuel system. But after some reading of past archival posts on the forums I've discovered that in humid environments ambient moisture as well as particulate contamination can enter fuel tanks through the tank vent.

So I've been researching fuel tank vent breathers + desiccants. I found several tank vent breathers out there that have the little desiccant balls that you must replace relatively often, but after some more stumbled digging upon this Donaldson part:
T.R.A.P. breathers strip moisture vapor from intake air and releases the moisture back to the atmosphere on the outflow cycle. The filter continuously regenerates its water holding capacity. T.R.A.P. breathers expel the moisture back out, eliminating the need to change the breather due to water saturation ... unlike desiccant filters that require frequent change-out. T.R.A.P. breathers not only protect against moisture but also provide advanced particulate filtration.

http://www.donaldsonoemfiltration.com/l ... 057150.pdf
https://www.donaldson.com/en/engine/fil ... ather.html

I'm in a very humid environment, am I just being overly cautious by worrying about this?

Has anyone tried one of these breathers on their tank vent?

Are there any other comparable parts out there that have been tried by the community?

Thanks for any constructive input.
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Re: Fuel Tank Vent Moisture Entry Prevention

Postby SunWizard » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:26 pm

The feature where it removes moisture on outflow will not work, since there is not outflow like there is on a hydraulic system they are designed for. A dessicant one would be better, but I have no experience with them.
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