Just in time blending

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Just in time blending

Postby MrkiMedo » Fri Jul 29, 2016 2:27 am

I have started collecting some quantities of oil, and I am first going to prepare my filtration process, and then move on to convert MB300D. It is slow process since I am doing it in free time which is often scarce. But at least I have some time to think about some things.

Now, previously I have owned both 2 tank and single tank Elsbett system. I was much more satisfied with Elsbett since it fits shorter city rides much better. Anyway, times have changed, and while I was driving on Elsbett I was able to buy cheap sunflower oil in shop and drive on it. Now days I can only count on used oil, and in my part of the world that means palm oil, and that is not viable option for single tank systems.

So I think separate heated tank for VO is required, but I am still worried about many shorter rides in which classic 2 tank system would turn to veggie only for last mile or so, and than it would require purge.

This got me thinking how about 2 tank system which would have 2 modes:
- straight diesel
- variable percentage blend of VO and diesel

So system would start on diesel, an switch to blend, but earlier than classic 2T system. As engine heats up, percentage of VO in blend would increase.

Blend would be created by 3 way valve by positioning it not in its end points but somewhere in between when both in lines contribute to output line.

- more complicated (but maybe not so much more)
- would fuels mix up enough to blend?
- different pressures on VO and diesel inputs to 3-way valve could make setting desired mix percentage difficult.
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