Sharing WVO - Moreno Valley, CA

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Sharing WVO - Moreno Valley, CA

Postby thangwook » Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:59 pm

If anyone is doing road trips or just need a fill-up on WVO going through Moreno Valley, CA (Inland Empire), send me a message and I will happily help you out. Free of charge. I have way more than I need.

If you want to know about my WVO. Here is my process:

My WVO is mixed with baking soda and allowed to settle for about a week. It is then poured through a 100 micron bucket filter into a mini-cold upflow that also has salt at the bottom. The output goes to another 55 gallon barrel that lets the WVO settle for another week before going into the main cold upflow barrel. After that it is filtered through a 1 micron filter into the final barrel. I also add 5 gallons of Diesel HPR into the final barrel. Justin from Greasecar recommends about 10% diesel to help slow/prevent poly. Before going into my car, it goes through another 1 micron filter. My process passes the HPT all the time.
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