Wanting to get back into SVO

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Wanting to get back into SVO

Postby billyO » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:11 am

Hello all. About 10-12 years ago I turned my 5.9L cummins diesel into a 2 tank system and ran on WVO for about 6 years. I still have the vehicle, but stopped using the SVO system about 6 years ago, took the tank out of the bed and unfortunately wasn't smart enough to clear the system with diesel before doing this. I'd like to return to SVO to burn the 400+ gallons of WVO that I still have on my property, and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I need to do. I'm assuming that I need to clean out the lines and valves and tank of probable sludge that most likely has clogged the system, but hoping that's not needed, or that it's as simple as reinstalling the tank and running a few tanks of diesel through the system (but I don't think I'm that lucky.
The truck has 395K miles on it and it needs to be my primary vehicle for probably the next few months, so I don't want to ruin the engine/injectors.
Anyone have suggestions/instructions?
Thank you.
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