EPA credits for heating with WVO

Space Heating with SVO WVO Vegetable Oil Biofuel.

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EPA credits for heating with WVO

Postby Vegheat » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:46 am

Hello. First post.

I have been developing and selling the Yellow Heat brand burner for the past 10 years. Yellow Heat is a modification of a conventional Beckett oil burner that converts it to a Babington style burner. Please see more at YellowHeat.net

I am thrilled to announce that the US EPA has added Yellow Heat burners as a new pathway for biofuel development under the RFS law. This means that every gallon of yellow grease (WVO) burned in a Yellow Heat burner generates 1.7 RINs, currently with a market value of about $1.75.

My company, Homestead Inc. will be producing the Yellow Heat burner in quantity in the near future. Users of this technology will enjoy the efficiency, energy savings and safety of vegetable oil heating, and Homestead Inc. will share in the RINs value when certain requirements are met. We will send a check to certified users when a minimum of 500 gallons of WVO are burned per heating season.

EPA accepted calculation show that the Yellow Heat burner, operating on yellow grease, reduces "carbon intensity" by 98% compared to #2 oil. That is the best documented performance of any other biofuel system to date.

I would like to dialog with others interested in lowering their fuel bills while saving the world.

Tom Leue
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