Dieselcraft centrifuge Filter pump/motor questions

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Dieselcraft centrifuge Filter pump/motor questions

Postby eddietude » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:03 pm

Hi all,

New to this site, but not to WVO. I've been running my 1992 Dodge Diesel for about 10+ years on WVO with great success.

The Grainger pump/motor on my centrifuge set up recently died. Pump began leaking, motor began overheating...

Grainger refuses to sell replacement seals parts for the pump now. Last time a different seal blew, they forced me to buy 37 seals... yeah, 37. Claimed the manufacturer required that. Turns out, once I got the replacement seals, I called the manufacturer and they said that is NOT their policy, that's Graingers...

Anyway, because of policies like that, I won't buy another Grainger or Dayton pump.

What pumps are people using for the dieselcraft centrifuge set ups? I've got mine set in a 55 gallon drum so it heats up and recirculates. Always had GREAT clean, dewatered oil with minimal effort and energy. I've got a motor, but need a pump. Any ideas are appreciated.
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