Better mileage after veg

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Better mileage after veg

Postby VegMeister » Tue Apr 01, 2008 12:02 pm

An old friend of mine called yesterday and we compared notes on veg conversions (he did it, hacked a system but took it off after he melted the hard plastic filter case and it plugged his filter).

He said that his 7.4 went from 16MPG to 24+ after a BOTCHED and (in my opinion) a not adequate conversion (not hot enough oil, etc). Even though he's back on dino, he's thankful for the mileage improvements.

Personally I'm finding a lot more power on veg (i.e. I can stay in 5th gear going up hills that sometimes need a downshift) which I know is impossible because diesel should have more BTUs. Either (1) the new diesel is so crappy that some veg oil is better than it (I say the new stuff is crappy because I have a good friend who was getting 22MPG in his 6.0L until the ULSD, now he's lucky to get 17MPG). OR (2) the veg oil has improved my engine and I'd be getting more power and mileage even if I was driving these hills on dino.

What are your thoughts? I'm sorry I don't think I can do any testing here... just because I can't switch over to dino to test it out (I've only got enough money in the budget for 5 gallons of #2 next month lol).
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Postby Jake Palmer » Tue Apr 01, 2008 12:54 pm

Mileage: I always take people mileage claims with a grain of salt... people tend to be "optimistic" when they calculate. There's a local guy who INSISTS he gets 58mpg in his 1.6TD jetta. Sure, sure he is.

Having said all that, in my old '87 jetta my mileage was almost always ~5mpg better on veggie than on diesel, and ran way better too. Idled higher, and had more power. I think on older cars, air leaks or fuel line constriction can cause all sorts of drivebility issues that aren't present in your all-new veggie system.
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