Transfat blends

Single Tank WVO systems and blending SVO WVO to thin it.

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Transfat blends

Postby John Galt » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:29 pm

If your vehicle operates in temperatures below 60°F or 15°C then avoid using ANY percent of transfat oil a.k.a. hydrogenated oil, animal fat or shortening in your fuel blends. Below that temperature the transfats will separate out and clog filters even when mixed with kerosene, jetA, gasoline or winter diesel.

A lot of cool weather operating problems are caused by people using very clean transfat oils which have been hot filtered down to 1µ.
This is also true with Biodiesel made from transfats. Even commercial B5 blends can cause winter problems if the BD is made from transfats.
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Postby SunWizard » Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:37 pm

I agree, don't blend with PHO partially hydrogenated oil. Put some of your VO in a jar in the fridge or outside in the shade to see if it clouds up or turns to jello when it gets as cold as you want to use it at. Some types of VO (palm oil, peanut oil) even if not PHO will cloud up at high temps.

See to the 2 tank section of these forums for designs that can run PHO even at -10F.
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