Manual valves

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Manual valves

Postby John Galt » Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:23 am

I'm looking for a source of manual fuel valves [2way & 3way] which could be cable operated.
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Something to consider

Postby sanderlings » Mon May 05, 2008 6:15 am

John, I think Sunwizard and others use manual valves that can be reached from the drivers seat. I copied that idea and have been using manual valves that I can reach from the drivers seat and they work great. The modifications I did to the interior of my old Suburban would probably not work in a sedan or pickup, but for those applications, I have a suggestion for consideration. I stress consideration because naturally I only really know my system (And the three prior versions ... uhg).

This set-up would need the same dual electric lift pump system that I use, which pushes to a tee before the injection pump. If the fuel supply lines coming from each tank and the return lines were routed into a small "box" that was within reach of the drivers seat, then manual valves could be installed on those lines and mounted to the "box" without cables or rods. The "box" in my application is actually a large vented and drained enclosure that holds the WVO tank and the valves are mounted to the top. Kind of like a trunk behind the front seat. But for a sedan, just a small box mounted to the floor or transmission hump might work. One problem might be the HIH or HOH bulk of the WVO line. But it would seem that a small loop (Less than a foot) away from the coolant and up to the valve would be OK. In my box / trunk I have room to route the HOH right to the valve. The diesel line would be easy to elbow to the valve and back out. The return would need one line coming back from the engine, elbowed into the box to a 3-way and then the two other lines routing back out of the box and on to the tanks. If the box is sealed / vented and drained it would seem to be safe. Depending where you place your pumps would dictate pressure or vacuum at the manual valves. If both lift pumps were up in the engine bay, then without check valves, one valve would be under vacuum and the other under pressure during operation. Without a looped return, the 3-way would be under very slight pressure during operation.

Prior to this incarnation, like others, I used check valves instead of manual or electric, but my WVO check valve after the filter did not alway seat properly, so I went manual. That prior system was truly valveless as I used two check valves and a purge pump on the return line to avoid manual or electric valves on the return as well. That set-up performed fine, (Except for the WVO check valve). But when I gave up on the check valves and mounted the manual valves within reach, I just went back to a 3-way on the return for simplicity. I did leave the check valve on the diesel supply line and it seems to always seat well (You can tell by the pressure reading). With the check valve on the diesel, while running on WVO, the WVO valve is under vacuum from the lift pump and the diesel valve is under a very slight vacuum.

This is were I put all the disclaimer stuff in fine print.
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