Maybe now I can work on wvo system.

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Maybe now I can work on wvo system.

Postby Radrick » Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:04 pm

Well I haven't been on this sight for a few weeks. As stated before I have been trying to make sure my truck is mechanically ready for wvo. I ordered up rebuilt injectors a few weeks ago and the day before I was to pick them up, I had a rather exiting driving experiance. I was laying into the throttle pretty good to make a yellow light as I made a left turn. When I let off the throttle the truck kept going WOT. I was a bit shocked and I was pretty busy counter steering as the rear end was sliding sideways at 50 mph, but I managed to get to the key before the tach hit the red. Long story short I now have a new IP, PMD, injectors, EGR blockoff, heater hose connection, and all new fuel line in the engine compartment. Unfortunately that ate up most all the money that I was saving for centrifuge and other wvo system stuff. On the good side I know my fuel system is top notch now. Hopefully with some luck I can get back on track in a couple of weeks. Just thought I'd share the news.
1995 Chevy K1500 6.5 TD not on WVO yet but soon.
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Postby 240Volvo » Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:45 pm

Glad you are OK! Time will take care of the rest....
1984 Volvo 240 diesel with a single tank Elsbett conversion: electric fuel filter heater, FPHE, glow plugs, and injectors. Also injector line heaters and block heater, running 20%kero/80%WVO winter blend.
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