TDI coolant leak

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TDI coolant leak

Postby ecojetta » Mon May 19, 2008 9:35 pm

2004 Jetta TDI with Greasecar system:

Developed a slow coolant leak - I spent weeks trying to track it down -
tightening T's and checking hose clamps on the VO system.

Finally I took it into the shop for a pressure test and it passed fine. The
shop concluded that it must be a leak inside the VO tank or in the head gasket. Now of all the places for coolant leak in the VO system, the copper coil in the tank is the last place I would look. I checked out the tank
and it was fine. The engine oil showed no signs of coolant. I talked to another shop and they said they would have to check the head gasket. Yet another "expert" said that the coolant only appeared low due to the VO system having more volume of hoses - total BS.

I refused to take it back in after spending $100 on a pointless pressure check. Then I discover on the web that the 04 Jetta TDI had a recall on the EGR cooler for developing internal leaks. I took the car into the dealer and it was a free repair. Now my coolant leak is gone and the car is fine.
Of course the dealer did not complete the repair, and I found the exhaust gas tube loose in the EGR cooler without the retaining clip. It was easy to finish the job, but it shows the workmanship of these dealers.

Hope this story helps someone else...
04 Jetta TDI with Greasecar 2 tank kit
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