300d turbo engine for 82-85 300d

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300d turbo engine for 82-85 300d

Postby kcpilotpat » Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:36 pm

i have a turbocharged 300d engine with 315k on it. i am slowly rebuilding the car bumper to bumper and have a rebuilt engine to install. engine is in the car. it starts and runs good. plan is to leave it installed till sold so it can be driven.

it has had regular maintenance. minimal blowby. minor oil leak at the shaft seal on front. i would replace it and the turbo drain seal for the new owner. there is no real reason to replace it, i'm just rebuilding everything.

i'm in no hurry would probably take 2 weeks after purchase to have it pulled out. i'm hoping to get $900 for it.


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