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Re: Lovecraft Biofuels: Thoughts/Opinions/Comments/Concerns

Postby mixelpix » Tue Dec 16, 2008 1:53 am

Sith_Slayer wrote:I'd like to discuss Lovecraft Biofuels in some detail.

Hi Sith Slayer,

Sorry for the thread ressurection, but I feel I have some useful information to add to the dialogue. I too encountered Lovecraft down in L.A. when they first were setting up shop there. I am not sure what they offer now, but they sure had the marketing side of things down, cause everyone has heard of them from San Diego to Seattle! (Is the WA shop still open?) I forget what the guy used to do before he started lovecrafting (not sure what H.P. and biofuels have to do w/each other but iirc, the owner is "punk-a-billy" of the goth varietal and I think is just in to H.P. Lovecraft. I thought he was a neat author in middle school, too) but I have seen and personally repaired some terribly designed and poorly executed installs of products with his company's name on them. At one point he was just drilling into the side of someone else's filter housing and slapping his sticker on it. Not so horrible, but EVERY single one of these I was paid to repair had metal shavings from the drilling inside the fuel system. None of them had caused internal damage which I personally witnessed, but this is not the kind of skill set I would pay to have engaging with my n/a 1978 300D.

I have never personally done business with him but I hear he is a swell capitalist and a nice fellow. I also never asked his competition at Green Benz, John, for the full story, but I believe he and the Lovecraft guy both got into mechanics when they decided to have children and wanted a more 9-5 lifestyle to support their families with. I think they might have even mentored with the same person. Either way, if you'd like an alternative to Lovecraft down in the Silverlake/Los Feliz area of L.A. give John a call over at:

John is a former fashion model. Has a real nice family and cute kids. Hang out long enough and they'll likely feed ya. He mentored with some very very very meticulous Armenian M-B mechanics in the Los Feliz area and contracts with them for more extensive Benz servicing (tranny and chassis stuff mostly, he is a very skilled engine mechanic).

Both are amateur mechanics and are constantly revising their "technique" but I have much more faith in the former fashion model's return on my investment. :lol: Last I hung out with him he was working on a cute little Brown's gas bolt on for Benz's. Bless his heart.

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