VO/Biodiesel exempt from VA state tax

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VO/Biodiesel exempt from VA state tax

Postby Muleears » Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:07 am

I had been faithfully sending in my highway fuels tax payments all year. Then I got an email from a DMV official asking me to call. What she wanted to know was if I was using biodiesel (which I am not) I told her I used VO. She said they considered VO and Biodiesel the same thing. She then went on to tell me the state code has no method for collecting taxes on these fuels so I don't need to pay the tax anymore! A letter stating these facts is being mailed to me today. We still have to pay the fed excise tax though. She also said that the general assembly will be looking at this issue next year. So for the time being Virginia is tax free!
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