Questions on my setup.

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Questions on my setup.

Postby Radrick » Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:35 pm

OK I will be recieving a call later today on the price of stainless verses steel for the tank. I will problubly go with stainless since I am getting it at cost and getting all the bending for free.
I am setting up my system simular to vegmiesters with a single threeway valve on the return and with lift pumps with check valves. That being said I am doing a number of things to both deal with the extreme climate here in MN and to control the polimerization. I am setting up my system with two coolant loops: the primary one will run HOH from the IP to the FPHE to the wvo filter then TIH down to the lift pump then TIH on the fuel return line to the simple tube in box type heat exchanger for the diesel fuel and back to the coolant return. The secondary coolant loop will run down to a long stem valve then wrap around the wvo lift pump then run TIH back to the wvo tank and thru the heated fuel pickup in the tank and back to the coolant return. The wvo lift pump will be located on the frame rail near the oem lift pump, the control valve for the secondary coolant loop will come up thru the floor boards just under the front of the drivers seat, both the diesel heat exchanger and the wvo FPHE will be mounted on either side of the intake manifold and the wvo fuel filter will be mounted on the engine side of the brake master cylinder so it should be a very compact system even with the extra loops.

I have several questions about some of the componants and there setups.

1. I have a hydroforce three way valve that will be switching the return. I am planing on switching it off of the same switch that I use to switch between the lift pumps with a momentary push button switch to purge with. There will be a certain way that this setup works the best for wiring but I also want to give concideration to what issues I may have if/when this valve fails. So does anyone know what the most common failure is on this valve? Does it stop switching or does it get stuck open? I would like to set it up so that if it fails in the most common manor it sends diesel to the wvo tank and not wvo to the diesel tank.

2. Fuel line sizing. My truck has a large variety of different fuel line sizes. It has 3/8" feeding the lift pump from the tank but has 5/16" from the LP to the fuel filter. From the fuel filter to the IP it has 1/4". It has 1/4" running back from the return but down under neith the return is 5/16" to the tank. I am thinking that the line from the tank to the lift pump should be the largest say 3/8" as it is harder to suck the push fluid and this is the line that will be the coolest temp in the winter. I would like to use 5/16" from the LP to the IP thou so that there is plenty of room for coolant flow in the 3/4" coolant hose, will this work? I would also think that 5/16" should be plenty large enough for the return?

3. I have not ordered my wvo filter adapter and filter yet. I am planning on making a flat sleeve type coolant manifold that will clamp on to the filter. For this reason I would like to make sure that I pick a filter that is both going to work well and be readally availble since I will need the od of the filter to be the same size for the manifold to work. What is the best most economical setup?

4. I have read about a desicant breather for the fuel tank and would like to incorperate one into my system. Is there a manufactured unit for this or do I need to make it? Is this desicant the same as the sylica beeds that I use in my compressed air drier in my paint booth? The stuff I use is color changing it starts out blue and turns pink when it is sateruated, this might be handy.

I could really use some feedback from some of you with experiance setting up systems. I also welcome any and all feedback on the overall system design. Thanks.
1995 Chevy K1500 6.5 TD not on WVO yet but soon.
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