Rancid oil giving me a run for my money!

Collecting, filtering and dewatering of WVO SVO vegetable oil. For Biodiesel producers too.

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Rancid oil giving me a run for my money!

Postby Performance Plus WVO » Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:39 pm

Has any one collected a little to low off of the drum and sucked the grey milky mud looking stuff of the bottom? Well I did and put it into my 120 gallon cone tank. Now after I heated the oil I have a 115 gallon milkshake thats grey and burns your eyes "Grill Cleaner maybe?" So I have litterally eaten all the nickel plating off of my new diesel craft rotor trying to clean this crap oil. Here is the entertaining point the solids are not thick enough to pack solid so I have cleaned the centrifuge 26 times so far and I dont see an end in sight. Is this oil so acidic that it will hurt a IP ? Is it so caustic it will burn a tip off of my 7.3 injector?. I have litmus paper to measure PH but thats has proven to be a waste of time. A good lesson why no to collect oil with a pump that will suck a 55 gallon drum dry in one minute or less. Bigger is better though LOL

Last but not least should I wash this oil to bring the PH in check wich I am not shure is off but have a rather strong suspicion it is?
Performance Plus WVO
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Postby tubular031 » Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:49 pm

I dont have an answer for you, sorry. But I do have a question. What the heck are you using for a pump that sucks a barrel dry in a minute?!?!! that must be one serious pump!
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Postby Performance Plus WVO » Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:15 pm

Its a 4" trash style pacer pump 8hp gas motor. Ok I got the mud out. The diesel craft was taking to long to process my horrible conglomerate of whatever so I heated it to 160 let it settle 4 days took 15 gallons of cruddy looking grey matter of the bottom and now I have beatiful brown oil that burns your eyes " Must have grill cleaner in it?" So next stage is to water wash to bring to a neutral ph and run it in my friends car. Just kidding but hey it was a good idea if I dont want any friends. So yeah 8 days later I am still working on the same 120 gallon batch wich I need to get out of my sytem by this weekend becasue its collection day just around the corner. So the plan is now to use my trash pump as fire suppression seeing as we have thunder storms now and go to a much more managable Lutz pump on a stick with a 110 inverter. As far as the grey slurrie I will use it as a paint stripper on my D4 Catterpillar LOL
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Postby coachgeo » Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:15 am

does it pass the Hot Pan Test now? If not that stuff could be still be PH bad from a water soluble component.

All I can think of is check a sample for PH. Then treat it with a baking soda mix to balance it?

Or try a full water wash and or a salt water wash and settle again to get more water out.

Might try these ideas in some sample batches? In the mean time sounds like you got to store this stuff to toy with when you got time.
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