04 cummins kits(X to infopop)

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04 cummins kits(X to infopop)

Postby mobetta » Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:38 am

So I have been contacted by an old family friend whom wants me to convert 2 '04 dodge trucks, and a 98 12 valve. the 98 I can design a system for no problem, and I am pretty sure I can do a good system for the others.

or I can just get 3 kits, and do the installs on them. this would somewhat alieve me of any issues which may arise from faulty components, but aside from this, what are some benefits of using a kit?

the trucks will be driven on cross country trips, pulling large goosenecks. so must be extremely reliable.
also- 2 trucks will be parked for 2-3 months at a time, and then driven X country. I thought it would make the most since to fill the tanks on these to capacity during off- use times. would it make since to have a purge function which could purge the wvo out of the lines and FPHE?

the trucks will not always have the same drivers- so a controller will be a good addition, I think. something that will switch to veg, and warn of failure to purge.

If I go from scratch i would use 3 similar tanks(He already has 1) of the aprox 100 gal pickup bed type.

fab up an aluminum heated pickup, or maybe a hotfox. I have yet to have a look at the tank he has.

HIH? HOH?- anyone selling a pre-made HOH bundle still??

hydraforce valves.

FPHE's.20-ish plate.

some type of controller. a must- but which one?

I appreciate anyone's input and experiences that they want to share. or parts they want to sell me??
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