Using FPHE with CF

Collecting, filtering and dewatering of WVO SVO vegetable oil. For Biodiesel producers too.

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Using FPHE with CF

Postby VegMeister » Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:05 am

Here are some pics of my CF setup.

Basically, I can take my setup anywhere using just a dolly. I then take the PEX wand, stick it into the barrel at the lowest point, and screw-in the big huge funnel with the ball valve into the 3/4" bung. My hopes was that I could roll my whole setup next to a barrel of screened oil, hook up, plug it all in and come back 10 hours later with the barrel full of clean oil.... the problem right now is the floaties. Maybe I need to use pantyhose on the oil before I put it in the barrel?

Anyways, it works great, the oil is super clean and 100% dewatered I've done about 100 gallons with it and once again I'll put in a big recommendation for the centrifuges that Terry from central valley biodiesel is selling!

Any input?

P.S. by way of explanation for the benefit of the non-insane: the water side of the FPHE is fed by thermosyphon, which has been my best friend in most of my crazy projects. It really circulates water at a good rate, I had all the temps before/after the FPHE and at the CF all written down but I lost the sheet. I'm going to do some more monkeying with it anyways so my next run I'll record all the temps for everyone and post them up. But the 1500W element in the heater has no problem keeping the oil at the CF at about 140F during regular full operation. If I wanted to get the oil over 200F, I'll build a little stove out of a cut-up propane tank and mount it next to that pressure tank above the FPHE, and then put about 4 wraps of copper tubing inside the stove before I go flare > compression fitting to the flexible tubing going to the CF. Then I can light a fire, let it burn for 2 hours and by then the oil in the barrel will be about 160F anyways and the water heater will be able to hold it at about that temp, and I can just let the fire go out and walk away!
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Postby canolafunola » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:47 pm

Interesting! Please describe in more detail how you are heating the FPHE by thermo siphon. It is hard to tell from the pics what you are doing.
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