Non-electric turbine style filter unit

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Non-electric turbine style filter unit

Postby VegMeister » Fri Jul 25, 2008 2:30 am

Hi guys, I'm looking for a non-electric turbine filter unit, like the Racor 1000FH that several vendors are selling with an electric heater unit built in. I've read the thread on using electric heat, and I totally agree with canolafunola when he said "I think electric heat is a waste of money and causes more harm than good. You should not switch to VO until the engine is up to temp and once your engine is up to temp, electric heat is not needed. If you switch before the engine is up to temp thinking the electric heat will be sufficient you will probably end up with engine problems down the road." I've had some VERY tense moments when a ego-tripping conversion installer from my dad's hometown jumped down my throat when I asked him about that. He was claiming that his super de duper secret high-tech you-aren't-smart-enough-to-know-what-i've-discovered glow plug setup could switch to the veg oil tank the INSTANT that the engine was running. yeah. right. But he had a "big truck" and a "ford diesel" with almost a year on his conversion with no signs of problems yet. I told him I had a 6.9 with almost a year of running pure veg oil, single tank no conversion, with "not signs of problems yet" but that proves nothing and then wished him good luck selling his system to others.

Ok, back to my question about a filter housing unit. I've just always modified spin-on filters by wrapping them with aluminum tubing. Which is annoying and make for a tough time to change the filter if you ever need to do that. I'd like to benefit from a turbine type water separator on a filter unit, and I'd like to be able to thaw said unit with coolant before switching over. Any products you'd like to sell? Links? Testimonials? Build-it yourself ideas?
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