dc cf psi ? and gear pump ?

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dc cf psi ? and gear pump ?

Postby gary » Sat Aug 02, 2008 9:54 pm

The instructions with my new dc oc20 state 80 psi for the max and it just so happens that when my oil temps reach over 150, I have to shut my bypass completely off and that is all I get..80 psi..so is that enough?

Also I have a used gear pump and it has two grease fittings, what type of grease do you use and how much?

The pump drips oil at the end of the shaft, so I turned the 1" nut a little and it slowed but how much can you turn it?...

Whats the best way to moniter the temp of the oil?
My first run of oil came from canola oil that settled for a few weeks and did not pour in the bottom of the pail where it was cloudy white(water) All that was in my rotor when I cleaned it looked like pipe dope...a fine gray coating that wiped easily. Does that sound right?
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Postby VegMeister » Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:53 pm

Be very careful in a situation like that! I turned by bypass all the way off and was still only getting 90PSI (what I wanted). I thought maybe it was because I was up to 168F at the CF, but the problem turned out to be a clogged screen before the pump. After turning the pump off and cleaning the screen (really easy to do with my "wand" setup), I plugged the pump back in with the bypass fully off, and broke the rotor on the CF in half! Since then I've made it a policy to turn down the bypass before turning the pump off, to eliminate the possibility of forgetting about it again!

Thankfully we just tacked the rotor, ground it out and then welded all the way around, and were back in business in an hour or so. But the lesson could have been a lot harder if a hose or something had broke (oh yeah and we lost a pressure valve, $11 from home depot :( )
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