New San Diego WVO Group

For discussing the modifications needed for diesel vehicles to run with 2 tank veggie oil conversions.

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New San Diego WVO Group

Postby dragonfly » Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:17 pm

The Greater San Diego Greasers is a new group organized for the San Diego area - no dues, no food, just straight talk. Our mission is to educate members about WVO that will aid them in making informed decisions (avoid costly mistakes) about what WVO conversions kits and conversion parts. At the monthly meetings we discuss the various systems (single and dual tank); various filtration systems - from the simple sock bags to a SimpleCentrifuge system; hand-outs of fuel and coolant diagrams; display fuel pumps - Fassett to FASS; lots and lots of questions and answers from experienced folks who personally installed their VO kits or systems and have been running on VO for a few years. Periodically, "New to WVO Conversions" meetings are conducted with plain, simple talk about WVO and have a complete Frybrid kit on display and the parts are passed around to handle (no, the aluminum fuel tank stays on the display table). For those who want to see a conversion of a diesel engine with a variety of conversions kits, members drive their vehicles to the meetings and lift the hoods for all to see. We are a hands-on group, no fluff just good talk over the fenders and under the hoods of members' MBs and trks. Next meeting: St. Michael's Church, 2775 Carlsbad. Blvd, Carlsbad, CA. north parking lot on Sept. 10th from 6 pm to 8 pm. PM if you have questions.
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