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Postby John Galt » Wed Nov 26, 2008 2:02 pm

I don't doubt that TIH can be constructed and installed in a manner to minimize failure if care and attention are maintained to correctly install the TIH assembly. In the examples of installations I've seen, it's obvious that the care and attention to detail is not being followed. Perhaps this is due to the lack of correct instructions from those who sell 'kits' using TIH assemblies. As well the 'kit' warranty does not cover subsequent damage to engine components if the TIH fails. I've made it clear that it's a matter of educating users so they can properly assess the risk. It is irresponsible to suggest that TIH is the 'best' system without divulging the limitations and potential risk, and clearly emphasizing the care and attention to installation details which are required for a reliable system.

The cost comparison analysis in the previous message underestimates the cost of the fittings to terminate a TIH assembly. This merely illustrates my point of how easy it is to miss details.

The following information regarding fuel systems in aircraft applies in the case of vehicle fuel systems being discussed here.

Federal Aviation Regulation

Sec. 25.993

Subpart E--Powerplant Fuel System Components

Sec. 25.993

Fuel system lines and fittings.

(a) Each fuel line must be installed and supported to prevent excessive vibration and to withstand loads due to fuel pressure and accelerated flight conditions.
(b) Each fuel line connected to components of the airplane between which relative motion could exist must have provisions for flexibility.
(c) Each flexible connection in fuel lines that may be under pressure and subjected to axial loading must use flexible hose assemblies.
(d) Flexible hose must be approved or must be shown to be suitable for the particular application.
(e) No flexible hose that might be adversely affected by exposure to high temperatures may be used where excessive temperatures will exist during operation or after engine shut-down.
(f) Each fuel line within the fuselage must be designed and installed to allow a reasonable degree of deformation and stretching without leakage.

Amdt. 25-15, Eff. 10/24/67
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