1998.5 24 Valve Dodge Cummins

A description and pics of your SVO WVO Vegetable Oil conversion, help the next person who gets that model.

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Postby Dave3500 » Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:56 pm

Hey CC,

Sounds like you have it figured out. Does the upflow thing really work? I dump all my cubies into a 55 gallon barrel & let that settle even before I filter it.

I'm not sure that my B100 supply mixing pump would run a CF. If the pressure is too resistant the oil just stays in the pump & keeps on recirculating. I have a swimming pool pump but was told it wouldn't last because of the WVO.

I made the mistake of putting a gallon of UMO in with my WVO blend. Just settled out in my truck tank. My truck hated it. Clogged my fuel filter, which was relatively new. I have to call around to see if I can find a less expensive one, that cost me 30 bucks. I think John Galt in his 93 runs a $3 line filter before the main. I'll have to study where I can cut one in.
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